Say goodbye to cravings

Cravings! The feeling that we really, really need something. And the feeling just won’t go away until act on the urge.

We can crave unhealthy food, alcohol, gambling, smoking, drugs and even love.

The thing is, after we succumb to the cravings we feel guilty and can even tell ourselves that we are worthless.

Cravings are emotionally based. Your subconscious mind believes by satisfying your cravings you will feel satisfied and somehow protected. But succumbing to cravings can take a huge toll on you. Not only on your happiness and self-esteem, but they can have negative physical effects also. For example, you might crave junk food, which makes you overweight. The negative feelings from eating that junk food will make you eat more to comfort yourself – and the vicious cycle continues.

There is a way out though. Hypnosis is a powerful way of overcoming all kinds of urges. It works by eliminating the issue that causes the urge and allows you to get balance back in your life.

Cravings are learned behaviours. You weren’t born with these behaviours and therefore you can learn new ways of behaving.

You can learn these new behaviours on a subconscious level through hypnosis.

Some people try to fight cravings through will power. They try not to think of the thing that they crave. There’s a problem with this and here’s a little exercise to illustrate why.

I’m going to now ask you to try NOT to think of a green elephant.

What are you thinking of now? I thought so! So much for willpower.

Hypnosis is a powerful method of reprogramming your subconscious mind to develop new, healthier, positive patterns of thinking and behaving. And it doesn’t take willpower because the changes occur at a deep level, and they are therefore lasting!

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