Mike Tyson used hypnosis to win

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The World Champion boxer used hypnosis on his road to success

Like all successful sportspeople, champion boxers know how important the mind is to achieving success.

One of the most successful boxers, and sportsmen, in modern times is Mike Tyson. His trainers and mentors understood the power of the subconscious mind in the quest to victory.

Early on in his career, Tyson’s trainers utilised hypnosis to get him into peak mental condition to win his fights. It was a particularly effective method that allowed Tyson to create changes in his fight mindset.

One piece of advice given to Tyson in the beginning was: “You have to control your emotions, and learn to impose your will on the reality you want to create.”


Trainer Cus D’Amato had Mike Tyson hypnotized up to three times a day prior to his fights. Under hypnosis he was trained to achieve states of emotionlessness in the ring and achieve focus on his aggression.

“It’s all about the subconscious,” Tyson said.

He says hypnosis taught him to “be controlled — an intelligent, savage animal.”

The hypnotist would talk to Tyson about his fears, about how his doubts and concerns were unfounded, emphasising how good and talented he was.


Tyson explained he had to empty his thoughts and then the hypnotist would tell him things that would help him internalise and truly believe that he is the greatest. This hypnosis method helped Tyson to believe in himself on a subconscious level.

“Most of us don’t know what our subconscious is,” Tyson has said. “Our subconscious is our power, not in check, just waiting for a signal. And our consciousness gives it the signal. Not right away, but we constantly ask for it. It’s almost like an affirmation.”


The script given to Tyson in hypnosis was, as the champion boxer says: “I’m getting better every day, I’m beautiful, I am magnificent, I am invincible, I am a god,…(say) wonderful things to yourself every morning and every night and your life will change.”

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