Unwanted Behaviours

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Hypnotherapy is very effective in the treatment of unwanted behaviours and conditions.
It is used to combat stress, panic, phobias, anxiety and depression.

Hypnotherapy is also used in the treatment of alcohol, smoking and other drug habits such as ice (methamphetamine).
People see hypnotherapists for weight loss, pain management, grief and sexual problems such as premature ejaculation. Those suffering from trauma have also been helped.

Children who suffer from nightmares, poor performance and bed wetting can also benefit from hypnotherapy.
Hypnotherapy has been used by leading athletes, including Michael Jordan, Tiger Woods and others to help them dominate their field by eliminating negative thoughts.

The heightened trance-like state of hypnosis is so intense that it can bypass the stress a person is feeling. Emerging from hypnosis, previous stress is significantly reduced or eliminated, allowing a person to approach the problem from a different mindset.

Hypnotherapy is also highly effective for insomnia. According to one study, hypnotherapy can allow a person to enjoy 80 percent more time in deep sleep. Deep sleep is critical, as it strengthens memory, fortifies the immune system and restores energy. 

As hypnotherapy helps rewire neural pathways, it can shift attention away from unfocused, depressive, or anxiety-ridden thoughts towards happier, more positive outcomes.

Hypnotherapy can also help confront fear through positive suggestion and visualisation. It can inhibit fear pathways in the brain, and reduce the need for medication in everything from dental procedures to flying.

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