Hypnosis and hypnotic mindfulness

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Hypnosis and hypnotic mindfulness can change the old, unhelpful script in your subconscious mind. With your new, positive script, you will be able to approach life from a foundation of confidence and optimism.

It is very difficult to change the way you feel, or change your negative thought patterns with your conscious mind. This is because your subconscious mind resists what you consciously try to change.

However, when we change our thinking at a subconscious level, the changes that we experience can be profound and lasting.

With hypnosis and hypnotic mindfulness, you are guided into an incredibly relaxed and pleasant state which bypasses your conscious mind and your powerful subconscious mind can be directly accessed. And this is where the changes that will benefit you take place, on a deep, subconscious level.

As the subconscious absorbs these new concepts and ideas, you will see changes in your thinking and behaviour that seem to occur naturally and without great effort.

This enables you to control how you react to situations and how you feel about them. It gives you back a sense of control in your life.

Of course, every person is different and has differing issues but with hypnosis and hypnotic mindfulness it is possible to observe a dramatic improvement after only one session.

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