Gain Control of your life

ONE of the myths surrounding hypnosis is that somehow the hypnotist puts someone “under their control”.

The fact is that it is impossible to control someone through hypnosis. Those stage shows where people start clucking like chickens or whatever are performed with people who have willingly taken part in the show and have agreed to acting like buffoons!

Hypnosis accesses a person’s subconscious mind and your subconscious is the part of you that protects you. It won’t accept any suggestions, under hypnosis or otherwise, that will bring harm to you.

Hypnotherapy actually does exactly the opposite of controlling a person – the aim of hypnotherapy is to give you more control over your own life.

Many of us are controlled by bad thoughts, feelings and actions. This leads to bad habits and unhelpful patterns of behaviour. Many are also controlled by bad desires and habits ranging from drinking, smoking drug use to impulse shopping and gambling.

Such people cannot be said to be in control of their lives.

Hypnotherapy is powerful tool to give back people control over those aspects of their lives which are causing them to suffer.

People get locked into negative patterns of behaviour for various reasons but these can be reversed through hypnotherapy, which gives the person control over those patterns. And this is done at a deep, subconscious level – where those behaviours originate.

Hypnotherapy teaches self-efficacy, enabling a person to behave in a way which will produce the desired results. When this happens you have greater control over how you live your life according to your own values and goals.

And the beauty of this is, you are NEVER too old or set in your ways to be able to change. So, if there is a part of your life that is not quite right or making you suffer, hypnotherapy can offer a lasting solution for you.

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